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 Launch of a new forum

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PostSubject: Launch of a new forum   Thu Oct 23, 2008 6:03 am

I wanted to set up a new that was just a little different, a little more open. And yet, a safe environment that anyone, including my daughter, could read. I wanted to make it a poker, sports, card-game, family outing, going to the movies type of place, but one that would not forget that there is a CREATOR, and His name is God. He sent us HIs son Jesus, and He is the one that I must defer to even with this. I will be looking at every post, and if it contains profanity, nudity of anything will be deleted. If there is any racial, hatred or violent will be deleted. If there is anything objectionable at's out. PERIOD. This is my mission statementBut in the mean time, let's have a little fun, and see where this goes, OK? I am the Admin, and I also go by KEVINfromHB. cheers.

I am new at this, and it will take time to get this off the ground. Please feel free to start a new topic, or to send me a PM. God bless you all.
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Launch of a new forum
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