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 2011 and the Chargers

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2011 and the Chargers Empty
PostSubject: 2011 and the Chargers   2011 and the Chargers Icon_minitimeTue Nov 08, 2011 2:48 am

Haven't even been on my own site in a long long time. No wonder nobody has ever seen it! ! The Chargers are looking good this year, even though thier record is only .500. The biggest reason, ol' Phil Rivers is chucking the ball directly into the hands of the enemy. What's up Phillip?? Have you forgotten that you aren't supposed to throw interceptions? Think of your QB rating, and what it would be if those interceptions had been completions. What would your team have done yesterday against the Packers...THEY WOULD HAVE WON! !
So phil....if you have a heart for us die-hard, live and die every year in the hopes of a championship, no holds barred, Raider hating Charger fans...give us a break. STOP THROWING INTERCEPTONS
! ! cheers

Go Chargers
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2011 and the Chargers
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