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 the game of cribbage

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PostSubject: the game of cribbage   Mon Oct 27, 2008 5:01 pm

It is a game that drives me absolutely crazy with its addictiveness. I cannot stop playing for hours once I start, so I try not to get into a cribbage mood too very often. And now I have found a site that offers another type of cribbage that has a scrabble feel to it. Here is the website, and the game is called Kings Cribbage. I will eventually try the game (I have not as yet done it), but I am scared of the hours it will take. And I don't want the reprocussions my wife may bring from it's time consuming addictiveness. Not right now anyway....Please let me know about it ok?

This website also offers online regular cribbage, and a bunch of varieties can be programmed in. Very cool!
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the game of cribbage
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